Kindle Digital Text Platform and its Royalty Options

Authors and publishers who use Amazon’s Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP) will be entitled to a royalty option of 70% for every Kindle book sold. The royalty option will apply to any book sold from the Kindle Store, regardless of whether the e-book is to be read on a Kindle, Kindle DX or one of the Kindle apps used on Blackberry, PC, Mac, iPad or Android. Announced in January 2010, the option will be available in addition to the standard options, currently offered to authors and publishers.

The royalty option is subject to conditions, which would require:

  • The author or publisher-supplied list price to be between $2.99-9.99USD
  • The listed price must represent a 20% reduction on the lowest list price charged for the physical book
  • It must be available for sale in all geographies, subject to author and publisher rights
  • The book is subject to the added functionality features of the Kindle Store, including text-to-speech

As Amazon strives to make DTP a more attractive option for authors and publishers, it will also seek to improve DTP by creating a more “intuitive” ‘Bookshelf’ feature as well as a simplified two-step publishing process.

By offering such attractive royalty options to authors and publishers, Amazon seeks to increase the predominance of its Kindle DTP as a viable electronic vehicle for the delivery of e-books. If successfully taken up authors and publishers, the royalty option will also ensure that Kindle and its associated apps successfully become the platform of choice for readers as well.

(Amazon media release)


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