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This Blog has Moved – Come and Visit Me at the New Address!

This blog has moved! It can now be found at Continue reading

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The Future of the Book According to IDEO

Summary and short commentary on IDEO’s three proposals for the future of the book, including Nelson, Coupland and Alice. The commentary draws upon other media such as Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and touches upon the influence a concept like Alice would have on interactive and non-linear narratives in fiction. Continue reading

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Considering the “Dedicated Reading Experience”

A short response to statements made by Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis about the “dedicated reading experience” and how it affects consumer preferences for various e-readers. This BookBotics blog response considers the marketplace that is possible for consumers who view e-readers as an opportunity for advancements in contemporary reading practices. Continue reading

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Random House Launches its First Interactive E-Book

Today I visited Winter Mill. It is a snowy, quaint little town with a population of 27,499. It looks a little Sim City and has a High School, a bookshop, a Mall and Mill, as well as residential buildings known … Continue reading

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Kindle Digital Text Platform and its Royalty Options

Authors and publishers who use Amazon’s Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP) will be entitled to a royalty option of 70% for every Kindle book sold. The royalty option will apply to any book sold from the Kindle Store, regardless of … Continue reading

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Defining “Progress” in the Context of e-Books

While e-books currently hold approximately 3-5% per cent of the book market, e-books are expected to amass popularity (and sales) over the next fifteen years ultimately accounting for somewhere between 20-50% of all books sold. The projective figure of 20-50% … Continue reading

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